Berlin is a city steeped in multiculturalism. You’re welcomed to explore its vibrant culture, cutting-edge architecture, fabulous food, and tangible history. When it comes to creativity, the sky’s the limit in Berlin. There’s a sense of spirit that nurtures and encourages new ideas — perfect for inspiring meetings and innovative events.

Things to Do and Places to Go

Highbrow, lowbrow, and everything in between – there’s plenty of room for full creative expression in Germany’s capital. Underneath the multicultural metropolis is the unpretentious beauty of an international village. The people of Berlin put greater emphasis on personal freedom and creative lifestyle than on material wealth and status symbols. This is a city designed for you to explore all the possibilities and tap into your creative mind. Here’s a handful of things to do in Berlin:


Berlin is home to world-renowned universities, orchestras, museums, and entertainment venues. The city has all you really need for noteworthy events and impressive team getaways.


“I take pride in the words Ich bin ein Berliner.”

John F. Kennedy


No matter what time it is, there's always a way to get around Berlin thanks to the city’s impressive public transport system. The airport is only a 30-minute drive from the city centre, where you can catch a tram, bus, or taxi. Berlin is a great walking city too — don’t forget to stroll around the streets, where history presents itself at every corner.


With everything at your fingertips, it’s no surprise that Berlin is a firm favourite for corporate events and company meetings. Here are a few sneak peeks at venues available in this historical city:


  • 030 Eventloft features exclusive event rooms and space for filming

  • 12 Apostoli Mitte offers a stylish backdrop for festive occasions

  • Take your guest's breath away 217FT, here there are two halls, a fireplace room, and two meeting rooms

Top international performers still grace Berlin's theatre, concert, and opera stages. International art-world stars, such as Olafur Eliasson and Jonathan Meese make their home here, and George Clooney and Tom Hanks have shot blockbusters in the German capital.


Berlin, as a city, is fairly big, but its key areas are perfectly compact and easily navigated on foot, by bike, or by public transport.