The Covid-19 Employee Restart Leadership & Development Program

Re-spark Your Business for Success with a Fully-Tailored Leadership Development and Corporate Wellness Program

Here at DMC Collective, we understand how important it is for companies to support employees through the transition from homeworking back to the office. Without easy access to leadership development programs and corporate support, employees across Singapore are returning to work feeling tired, stressed, disconnected, and burnt out. This leaves companies vulnerable to under-performance, with disheartened employees who are mis-aligned with your company objectives.

Now, more than ever, employees need to feel inspired by leadership, to help them re-spark their goals for 2021. That's why we have created The Covid-19 Employee Restart Leadership & Development Program, a bespoke off-site corporate wellness program designed to enhance employee resilience, nurture working relationships, develop creative problem solving, refocus your team towards holistic wellness, and re-spark their passion for your business to reach your business goals.

Whether you're a start-up, SME or multinational corporate company, our fully-tailored Covid-19 Employee Restart Leadership & Development Programs are small, flexible, and easily adaptable to your employee's holistic needs. 


We offer on-site and hybrid-remote programs to develop leadership, inspire confidence, build teams, and re-ignite your employees for a successful restart in the new post Covid-19 normal.

Book your consultation today with our friendly team to design a fully-tailored Covid-19 Employee Restart Leadership & Development Program for your business, and discover how you can re-spark your business for lasting success and a brighter tomorrow!


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Covid-19 is changing the landscape of global business travel. Travel will be restricted and budgets will become smaller.  In the short term, we will be travelling less and meet locally. It is this future that has lead to the development of The DMC Collective. We will offer local venues and spaces in Europe, London, Singapore, The UK, Berlin, Asia, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and more.  And each time you book with The DMC Collective you save money.

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