Weddings in a COVID-19 World

Once upon a time, health and safety was a just small consideration when it came to wedding planning. These days, however, all that has changed; the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused major disruption to the wedding industry and couples across the globe have had to postpone or cancel their upcoming ceremonies. The good news, however, is that humans are natural innovators - and there are already many creative thinkers offering new ways for people to adapt to a covid-world without compromising on the things that make life special. Whether it's staycations, fine dining or weddings - trailblazers are uncovering a new world of luxury hybridity that blends safety with excellence.

Here at The DMC Collective, we know events inside out - and it’s for this reason we understand how stressful managing a major event can be when the goalposts are constantly shifted due to circumstances beyond your control. We have over twenty years of experience in designing, arranging and executing flawless corporate branded events. In that time, we’ve seen it all - and we know the ingredients needed to create an engaging event that lives in the memory long past the date it physically takes place.

So worry not, with the right know-how, a wedding in Singapore can still go ahead - and we’re here to give you all the guidance you need to plan your big day without delay or compromise. Keep reading for advice on wedding planning, bridal packages and the new hybrid wedding about to take the world of high-end, wedding extravaganzas by storm.

How to approach wedding planning during COVID-19?

For many couples, this last year has been a series of disappointments. From wedding postponements to changing guidelines, trying to arrange the happiest day of their life has become one big stress - that’s why we’ve got some very important tips for approaching wedding planning amidst COVID-19. Check out the following advice tidbits for managing expectations and guaranteeing overall success when the big day does finally arrive:

Stay in contact with your guests - things change fast in covid times, whether it’s a postponement, change of venue or total wedding rehaul, maintaining regular contact with your guests will keep them in the loop so they know what to expect when the day arrives.

Get super-duper organised - being organised is always important when it comes to wedding planning, but with many moving parts and new considerations because of covid, it’s even more important that you’re staying regularly on top of things. If you’re handling everything on your own, we recommend using a digital to-do list app and setting notifications up so everything is kept under control and you don’t miss any important deadlines.

Create some wedding playlists - you might be planning on having live music or a DJ, but with limited options for attendees and staff, creating wedding playlists for other aspects of the wedding day will cut down on the need for in-person contact. Whether it’s music for the champagne reception or to fill time between scheduled entertainment, creating playlists will also keep you in the happy, romantic spirit while serving a practical purpose in the planning stage.

Be true to yourself - engaged couples often have to manage competing expectations from families, friends and other parties when sorting their wedding priorities. With COVID-19 disrupting things further, you may have to make some difficult decisions about who can and can’t attend your wedding in-person. It’s important to remember that this is your day and your number one priority should be doing things in the way that feels right for you; this gives you the best chance of creating a joyous experience you’ll be happy to remember.

Maintain a positive attitude - we know, it’s easier said than done when there are so many unknowns hanging over you, but try to keep in mind your reason for getting engaged in the first place - to celebrate your love for each other as a couple! This is the most important thing, never lose sight of it amidst the wedding planning madness and you’ll always feel contended at heart.

Why Adventure-in Place Luxury weddings might be the answer!

Of course, many couples have still managed to tie the knot in spite of covid restrictions. Some have opted for romantic elopement ceremonies, escaping together to get married in beautiful settings with just a few attendees; others have decided to bring their guests in remotely through video calls and the like. Both options have their merits, but it is only The DMC who have come up with an alternative that blends the best bits of both these options for an unforgettable wedding ceremony that is beautiful, immersive and multi-sensory.

Destination luxury - an unforgettable wedding experience for ALL guests

The DMC’s been hard at work creating experiences that spark guest’s imagination and shape how they think, feel and connect when joining you at your wedding event, whether remotely or in person. We are partnered with five-star, luxury venues hand-picked for their safe, beautiful outdoor spaces, in addition to their suitability for an immersive, bespoke-designed digital guest experience.

Locations include: The Capella Hotel, Raffle Hotel, Shangri-La Hotel, Dusit Thani Laguna and the private islands off Singapore Bawah Reserve. These venues make for an incredible, romantic day in-person while not skimping on the experiential quality for guests who are joining remotely. Whether at home or on-site, these blended ceremonies hold the promise of an event worth dressing up for - so inform your guests it’s time to buy their outfits!

A global ticket to the wedding of a lifetime

Put plainly, The DMC’s Adventure-in-Place Luxury Wedding Experience is a hybrid digital and in-person event that transforms gorgeous venues into flexible spaces that accommodate joy for all guests. This is a close as it is possible to come to a wedding that allows digital immersion through a virtual-reality like experience - think Alice in Wonderland style transformation; the DMC have sprinkled rather a lot of event magic to make this possible.

We all know that staring at a flat Livestream wedding lacks the lustre of an in-person experience, but thanks to the DMC’s work with top, skilful videographers and multisensory activities that make remote guests feel a part of the day, this is no longer the case.

Remote guests can join you at a virtually-extended dinner table, enjoying the same food and drink thanks to chef-prepared mail-out themed meal kits. Activities will include tactile, sensory-based exercises of your choosing. Whether it’s treasure hunts, wine-tasting, perfume-making or something else entirely, The DMC has designed countless activities that bring the colour and feel of the day to every guest in attendance. It is special touches such as these which bridge the gap between global guests and the in-person ceremony; for a day every attendee will remember as cutting-edge, creative and romantic beyond belief.

Here at DMC, we are innovators and trailblazers - that’s why we are proud to be behind the new, covid-safe wedding experiences that are unforgettable. Would you like to find out more? For a limited time only, we are offering a safe, in-person consultation on how we can create an Adventure-in-Place Luxury Wedding experience for couples seeking the best of the best. Follow the link to book your slot and make your wedding dreams come true.

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