Back in the Saddle: From Hotels to Venues, Event Service Providers Restarting Business
The Difficulties Facing Service Providers 

After a difficult 2020, the events world is learning to adapt to life with COVID-19. As event experts, The DMC is well aware of the wide range of industries that have been impacted by the postponement and cancellation of events in Singapore and beyond. 


Hotels have suffered from lack of guests and numerous cancelled events; numerous venues have seen a decrease in bookings as the world has shifted towards virtual events and conferences; with fewer occasions and more people working remotely, chauffeur companies have lost regular customers; and countless suppliers, from carters to florists, have been impacted by postponed weddings and events. 
And the outcome of all of this? Uncertainty for both customers and service providers. Luckily, The DMC has two exclusive offerings to help make 2021 a more profitable year.

Offer 1! Flexi-Future Pass 
Whether you have unused meeting space, empty hotel rooms or are lacking bookings for B2C events like weddings and formal affairs, our Flexi-Future Pass offers benefits to both service providers and event organisers alike. 
The Flexi-Future Pass means event organisers can pre-book the inventory they require. We know that uncertainty is still rife and customers are looking to reserve dates and services without having to risk big financial losses, and that the beauty of the Flexi-Future Pass. Here’s how it works:

Non-refundable deposits, flexible terms 
Flexi-Future Pass deposit works on a sliding scale. Customers and events organisers can secure full-cost and high-priced inventory with lower, non-refundable deposits around 10-30% of the full price. Or, they can opt to select discounted, low-priced inventory but pay a higher percentage of the non-refundable deposit upfront. 

This deposit, while not refundable, can be transferred to a later date or different service should unforeseen events disrupt existing plans. With guaranteed deposit income, plus flexibility for event organisers, it's a win-win solution in an ever-changing marketplace. 


Offer 2! Turnaround Deals 
With continuing uncertainty, service providers often lose money – and the chance to engage new customers – because of last-minute cancellations. 
Turnaround Deals gives service providers the chance to save lost revenue through the last minute listing of inventory that would otherwise have gone unused following a cancellation. 

Service providers listing products or services using Turnaround Deals can gain access to customers willing to make short-notice commitments in return for reduced inventory prices. 


Drive your revenue today 

Adapt to the times and connect with prospective event organisers, fill out the form below to register your interest and we’ll be in touch soon. Any organisation registering prior to March 2021 will receive a 100% discount with the yearly subscription fee of $888 SGD waived. 

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